Golf Shoes for Men

Walking comfortably is the main thing when we play golf; it’s a sport that requires us to travel a long distance and stay upright for a long time, so having a pair of comfortable shoes is the most important thing. For this practice, there are specific patterns that help us to stay comfortable and there are features that you need to consider before you can choose the right one, and among them are the materials with which they are made, the types of soles and their heels or staples, which are the ones that will allow you greater grip in the field.

What are the best golf shoes on the market?

For those who play golf, nothing is more important than having comfortable shoes that allow you to walk the course with peace of mind, forgetting the discomfort that traditional golf shoes usually cause.

In the market you will get different brands and models, which will offer you various advantages, but to choose and know which is the best golf shoe on the market, you have to analyze some key features before buying it, like its sole . Most come with crampons for better grip on the playing field; these can be either on the top, or discreetly included. The clothing materials, which will help you know if you can use them in wet or not, and their design, on which depends the comfort with which you will walk, are other important characteristics.

These points to consider are collected after making a comparison of golf shoes and their features, to help you always choose the best for you.

What is the best man golf shoe from 2018?

The golf shoes are diverse, there are many brands and models, so you should try to have the best to be really comfortable when you practice this sport that is very popular around the world. They are used by both beginners and professionals, because they help you to have more stability on the course, thanks to their designs and among the best 2018 golf shoes on the market, you will find these five models that we we present below to help you make your decision.


Recommended Products

Men’s FootJoy Freestyle Golf Shoes


For greater mobility, this men’s golf shoe model has a flexible and comfortable design, allowing players to move freely around the field without feeling uncomfortable; you can walk long distances without hurting yourself. Bring a tampon on your heel to prevent chafing.


It has an adjustment system thanks to quick laces and an extra adjustment under the tongue of the shoe, so that the foot is always in optimal position, especially when it comes to hitting the ball.

The sole of this model features a soft damping mechanism offered by its manufacturing materials, the rubber, which gives better mobility.

With the purchase of the next FootJoy article, you will take home the best golf shoes of the moment, explained in more detail below.



  • Material: The product has been designed from quality materials where all the outside is leather to bring elegance and quality to the shoe.
  • Cramps: These are very comfortable shoes with heel pads to prevent burns due to constant friction.
  • Designs: With a sporty and modern style, this shoe offers a sober and casual design; in the color combination, the colors gray, navy blue and purple stand out.
  • Closure: It has a laces-based closure system that provides a secure fit to the foot and easy shoe placement.



  • Price: For people looking for a cheap shoe, this is not the cheapest item you will find.