How to choose your golf shoes

How to choose golf shoes? Rather “sport” or “classic”? What brand ? These are questions that you may ask when you equip yourself.

The golf shoes are easily recognizable with a more refined look than the majority of sports shoes, primarily designed for performance. When we practice golf, we look for shoes that are comfortable to wear, with a good grip, and if possible waterproof.

I have prepared an article with the advice I can give you to prepare well before the purchase, and 3 models that I recommend to all those who are a little lost before the purchase.

how to choose golfer shoes

The different types of golf shoes

There are several types of golf shoes. I classify them here according to the quality of the crampons and the material of manufacture.

First look at versatile shoes! They can be used daily, even outside a course, thanks to the stability provided by their small rubber studs. On the other hand, they are inexpensive and totally appropriate for casual gamers.

Then, we must mention the cleated shoes which are exclusively for the practice of golf. Thanks to their spurs in the shape of toothed wheels, they offer the necessary stability for an optimal practice. If you can, I advise you to opt for soft crampons. These are certainly the ones that are suitable for the largest number of coatings. On my way, I advise you nails studded shoes because they are often prohibited access to the land, and they tend to damage the course. Also be interested in removable cleats that can be replaced, so you do not have to change your pairs too frequently.

Regarding the material, leather shoes require a lot of maintenance, but are waterproof and breathable. As for synthetic shoes, they are more durable but less easy to maintain.

How to choose your golf shoes?

I suggest you bet on waterproofness, comfort and grip that are key criteria for choosing the right shoe. A pair that combines these 3 criteria will allow you to maximize your endurance and your performance, knowing that you can walk up to 10 km of walking on land where you sometimes have to brave tall grass, sand and bushes.


Rain or morning dew sometimes humidifies the course. It is therefore important to avoid shoes that are canvas or too airy. To keep your feet dry, I recommend a waterproof boot.


This second criterion is crucial for maximizing your endurance and your performance, because the slightest discomfort could hinder your swings or get you out of the game too early. It is not a question of making live a Calvary to your arch.

The grip

It is in this part that I tackle the stability that is essential for a regular and effective swing. With good grip you can not slip, however it can vary depending on the type of course. On a dry course for example, the shoes with pivot (or still polyvalent) will offer you more stability than the others. On a wet course we will tend to favor cleated shoes.

Comparison of the best golf shoes

I have listed below 3 models of shoes that I would recommend to a beginner or intermediate golfer. They perfectly combine the criteria I just mentioned above, and are excellent value for money:

[inser table of products here]

The Best brands

Maybe you do not know them yet, yet it’s impossible to miss these brands when looking to buy shoes:

  • Footjoy
  • Adidas
  • Callaway
  • Nike
  • Ecco

In addition to the 3 models of my table, here are some others that I carefully selected for you:

We start with waterproof and durable shoes: Adidas Z-Traxion WD guarantee stability and comfort thanks to a beautiful outsole and a soft leather upper. Similarly, the Adidas Powerband leather ensure stability, waterproofness and comfort, and their crampons are considered very strong.

We continue with Callaway RAZR, which are cheaper and just as waterproof. They offer good stability and undeniable comfort. Similarly, the Callaway Xtreme, although having only eight crampons, provide good foot stability and comfort.

Then, the Ecco BIOM Hydromax: they are expensive, certainly, but they are of very good quality, stable, comfortable and waterproof in every respect. The must of the golfer!

We continue with the Footjoy Dry Joys, which are also stable, strong and comfortable and are known for very good shock absorption. Another plus point: the crampons are extremely easy to replace.

In the category of lightweight shoes, stable and comfortable, we also find the Nike Lunar Control. They are among the best selling models and are effective to brave the 18 holes. Also at Nike, the 13 TW maintain their foot on inappropriate terrain like slopes. With their soft soles you will not hurt the feet during your stretching parties.

Finally, they are very light too, but also robust, ventilated and cushioning: these are the Puma Spark Sport. The brand also offers stability and comfort, especially with the Puma Club 917 model.

how to choose golfer shoes



A good tip of maintenance (and hygiene) that I propose is to always remove and let the soles dry after use, especially if they are leather. With this tip, your insoles will live longer. It will also think to feed the leather, that of the sole and that of the shoe, so that it does not dry out. Be careful to avoid exposing it to excessive temperatures. Last tip: golf clubs often offer free maintenance products for members or passing players, so feel free to use them.


The number of your golf shoes should in principle correspond to your pace of attendance of the course. For someone who practices every day, it is best to have at least two pairs. It is necessary, indeed, to privilege the alternation because the shoes tend to deteriorate if they are used too frequently.

As mentioned before, you should let the leather rest and dry after each use: I recommend at least a day.

Finally, if we talk about frequency, I advise you to change shoes after 30 to 40 courses (60 being the big maximum). Of course, the life of your shoes depends as much on the maintenance as on the use you make of it.

Where to buy cheap golf shoes?

Why leave home to find the perfect golf shoe? I advise you to take a look online this is where you will have the best opportunities!

There are many sales sites, whether general or specialized. In both cases you will find the main brands that we mentioned earlier: Footjoy, Ecco, Callaway, etc.

Tip: for slightly cheaper models prefer generalist sites like Amazon. You will easily find your happiness, while specialty stores tend to inflate their prices.

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